Assignment 1 A –   Administrator of Human Resources Interview – 125  points              (Week 3)

The purpose of this assignment will be to understand the leadership responsibilities and operations of a district Human Resource department. Assignment is as follow:

Conduct an in-class interview with a panel of school districts’ Administrators of Human Resources.

Write a 5 page paper (not counting the title page) to synthesize and summarize the interview

and your reflections.

Include a Title page and page header using APA format.

Use the following questions to guide your interview:

What are the demographics of the district? (see District’s website)

What are the key responsibilities of Human Resources?

What is the process for determine the personnel necessary to conduct the

responsibilities of the district?

What is the process for hiring personnel?

What is the process for new personnel induction and orientation?

How is ongoing staff development developed and implemented?

What is the process for staff terminations?

What is the role of the building principal with Human Resources?

How do the Human Resources and the different district bargaining units work


What are the greatest joys of the district Human Resources administrator?

What are the greatest challenges the district Human Resources administrator has         faced?

Is there anything else about your role and or work that you think would be helpful for

me to know?

You may also include additional questions of your own learning from this survey.

Reflect on the district Human Resources administrator’s responses and summarize your                 reflection using the following questions:

What have you learned that will impact your leadership development?

What surprised you about the leadership and management of Human Resources?

What areas in Human Resources will be challenges for you and why?

How has this interview influenced next steps for you in your development as an

educational leader?

Please fallow this

Interview Summary

/50 points    The writer provided a clear and comprehensive summary of the administrator’s responsibilities and operations using the questions posted in the assignment.


/50 points

The writer provided an insightful reflection of the results, using the questions posted in the assignment.

Mechanics: APA, Grammar, Sentence structure, and Spelling

/25 points    The paper included a correct Title page and headers per APA.

Proper citation and appendix

Correct spelling, grammar and punctuation.