There are more than 300,000 species of plants that have been identified thus far. In addition to providing most of the oxygen for land animals, plants do many other things for us. For this chapter’s assignment, research the Internet and choose a way (other than providing oxygen) that plants are useful to humans, selecting ONE species of plant to discuss. Write a 250 word summary about that species of plant and the benefit you chose. Be sure to describe what type of plant it is. What is the scientific name? Where is it found? How is it beneficial to humans? What role does it play in the ecosystem, etc.? Do NOT copy and paste from the Internet. You are required to cite at least one reference (a reliable academic resource).  You MAY use quotes from a source, but those quotes will NOT count towards your 250 word count requirement. Please do not plagiarize. If you use a quote, you MUST put quotation marks around it AND you MUST cite the source at the end of your post. It is NOT simply enough to put a source at the end. Do NOT use Wikipedia, Blurtit, Yahoo Answers or any open blog or open source where anyone can post responses and the information is not verified. These are unacceptable academic resources; be sure to use reliable resources of information and research carefully.