Intro to ethics paper

Choose one of the ethical issues from the list below to research and write about. It is recommended that you choose a topic you are familiar with or have thought about previously. For example, you might choose an issue that either worries you or enrages you; you might choose one that you have worked on; or you might choose one that relates to recent events in your community.


Possible Issues

Corporate executive compensation

Corporate contributions to political campaigns

Affirmative action

The media and its responsibilities

Domestic surveillance

Whistle blowing in government or in a business

Religion in the workplace


Consumer tracking

Ethical problems of gambling

Progressive taxation rates


Women’s equality


In your paper, you will apply the ethical theories and perspectives to the issue you select. You do not have to use all six, but you should apply at least two ethical theories and at least one ethical perspective in your paper.


Make sure you write primarily on ethical topics and concepts; do not get distracted by doing analyses that apply political, economic, religious, or legal perspectives.



Describe, compare, and apply the ethical theories and perspectives to the topics. Explain how the theories and perspectives would analyze the issue.

What are the ethical issues?

Where are there breaches of ethical behavior?

How could each theory help people think about what would constitute virtuous or ethical behavior?


The paper must be five to seven pages in length (excluding title and references pages) and formatted according to APA style. You must use at least five scholarly sources