Comparing Local, State, and Federal Funding – 100 points (Week 3)

The purpose of this assignment is to gain a clear understanding of the different funding streams used to fund public schools and how each revenue source uses funding to drive educational programs and initiatives.

Assignment expectations: •

Using the course text and additional resources, research the funding sources for schools in your state. Identify various influences the funding brings to the local school district, including federal law, state initiatives, and local control. • Include a Title Page and Page Header using APA format. • Include an APA Reference Page to cite at least three references. • Third Person Writing Required

Please fallow this

Research: Identify and summarize three funding streams for public schools. (40 points) The writer provided a clear and comprehensive summary of, and comparison of, school funding by the federal, state and local governments.

Comparison: Compare the funding amounts and influence on school programs. (30 points) The writer provided an understanding of the influence the federal government, state government and local governments have on the local public school

Writing Mechanics: spelling, punctuation and grammar. (15 points) APA: Cover page, citations and third person writing. (15 pts) Correctly uses three APA citations, proper grammar and spelling