This is an outline for three slides that need to be attached. The presentation is about choosing a Either unique or new merchandising strategies.   The  presentation should take from 2 – 3 minutes And this is what has been written so far:



QR codes have been in use by marketers for some time, but Google’s new billboard advertising approach takes this a step further by combining these smartphone barcodes with wireless near-field communications (NFC) technology in order to encourage consumers to engage with digital billboards. The campaign was rolled out in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane airports and time squere and allowed consumers to select and interact with content from digital billboards, then pay to download it directly onto their Android smartphones using free airport Wi-Fi services.

For instance, a consumer might see a book they are interested in reading on a Google Play billboard advertisement and use a QR code or NFC to directly download it onto their device.




The outlines need to be organized and in order so so as to be spoken from them.