This assignment is designed to assess your critical thinking, problem solving, and communication skills. Your paper will be graded for its clarity, relevance, coherence, logic, and depth. Your paper must be two- to three- pages in length (not including a cover page and reference page) and be formatted in APA style. Your paper must demonstrate that you understand international influence and micro-environmental and macro-environmental influences on marketing strategy. You must use your textbook and at least two additional scholarly

Technology Paper – Worth 200 points, you will be expected to write a short paper on a recent industry development in logistics technology, or a company using logistics/supply chain technology. The topic can be based on your actual experience in a job or internship, if it is related to technology in a logistics/supply chain setting.

This section of the paper should be 3 pages in length Your assignment should contain a cover page, an abstract page, and a reference page in addition to the body. The body of the paper should be 6-9 pages in length, starting with a brief, 1-paragraph introduction and ending with a short conclusion. The entire submission will be 9–12 pages in length.

The Plan Comes Together Not all of the elements of the situation analysis can be accounted for during the strategy development process. Presentation Script Throughout the class, you have analyzed many aspects of your company. Now you will put it all together in a presentation format. Your presentation will provide a comprehensive look at the marketing plan for your company’s product. You are permitted to use sections from earlier assignments in the course to develop the presentation. Include the following: Create a script to accompany the presentation. It should be informative and targeted to a professional clientele. This part of the Individual Project should be at least 2–3 pages in length (single-spaced). PowerPoint Presentation Complete the following: Create a professional PowerPoint slideshow. You will be assessed on the design of the presentation (including colors, backgrounds, professionalism, font, and graphics). Optional content includes sound, videos, and animation. Write a script in a Word document This part of the Individual Project should be at least 12 slides (body of presentation). Please submit your assignment. Two files will need to be uploaded.

At this point, you have launched your capstone project (multiple server and workstation integration in a single network project). You are now expected to implement the project and incorporate control mechanisms or best practices that you selected in the Discussion Board. If you have not selected reports such as Gantt charts or your project schedule with tracking information, please include them in this week’s deliverables. This deliverables for Week 3 are as follows: Project Monitoring Reports Provide samples of at least 3 monitoring status reports. Describe what information each report provides in terms of supporting project monitoring. How often should these reports be generated, and who should receive them to make sure corrective actions are timely when needed? Project Control Processes Depict the control process in a diagram. Provide a narration that thoroughly describes the control process. Discuss how project monitoring reports help with the control process. Outline some strategies for if your project gets behind schedule or over budget.

Strayer University, Washington DC 105-Quiz 4

This is your final IMC plan. You will use content from the first 4 Individual Projects to complete the submission. This will be presented to the client, be persuasive in your recommendations. Include at least 3 media from the following: