After reading Wilson’s play Fences, reflecting on the article/review excerpts above, and viewing  the videos below, submit your answers to ALL of the following questions to the Assignment tool entitled “Play Reading 3”:

  1. In your own words, give a plot summary of Fences.
  2. If it is true that theatre reflects the society in which it is produced, what do you think August Wilson was saying to his audience when he wrote this play? What does this play say to an audience in 2015? What does this play say to you personally?
  3. Do you agree/disagree with the authors of the article and review above? Why?
  4. Compare/contrast each actor’s portrayal of the characters in the video clips from Fences. How do they differ? How are they alike? How does the audience differ for each performance?
  5. Do modern historical plays help or hinder social attitudes about the issues they address? Why/why not?