Rural Client Observation Paper

The problem behavior is stealing by child

Please write a title for each paragraph

1. each student will select a specific problem behavior identified by a client (this could be a current or past client with whom you’ve worked).

I choose problem behavior hit by child.

2 All students will submit an eight page paper identifying the possible biological, psychological, social-structural, and cultural determinants of the behavior, along with a brief description of the client’s current life situation, mental status, and strengths. HBSE content involving theories relating to individuals, families, groups, organizations, communities, and society as a whole will be applied to the client situation.

3. Please include a discussion of any ethical dilemmas identified by the client or you as the practitioner. This client should currently or in the past, have lived in a rural environment if possible. If the client does not/has not lived in a rural community, then contrast their environment with living in a rural environment.

4. Identify at least four references from professional journals in the identification of possible determinants of the problem, and four separate references from separate chapters from the required texts. There must be at least 10 references in total. Client names should be changed for confidentiality. Note: Do not interview someone who is actively having mental health issues.

5. The last paragraph of the assignment should be your impression of the case.