Strayer University, Washington DC HIS 105-Quiz 4


Question 1


In the improving American economy of the 1920s,


Question 2


Immigration to America changed a great deal during the 1920s, as


Question 3


Marcus Garvey is best known for


Question 4


The term “Americanization” referred to


Question 5


At the “Scopes Monkey Trial,”


Question 6


Critics of the New Deal included all of the following except


Question 7


The event that made Hoover seem heartless, probably costing him votes in the 1932 presidential election, a contest he was likely to lose anyway, was


Question 8


Hollywood during the 1930s


Question 9


Which of these is not a true statement about the Communist Party in America in the 1930s?


Question 10


As approved, the Social Security Act (1935) would